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Oct 26, 2018    10:34 PM
WHAT to Carry??? - THE MESSY EARLY FALL SURF FISHING BAG & LURES - Bluefish / Striper. Early fall surf fishing can be slow or fast. We are still in the Limbo side of fishing on the West End of Long Island surf in my opinion but there are stripers and bluefish to be had. Today the fishing was slow so I took the time to go through some fall surf fishing bag basics. Not so much about the surf bag but a few things inside of the fall fishing bag and lures I like to use and here are a few quick notes. Although I like yellow and black tones, white is great and other colors like chartreuse are fantastic. I use them however I just gravitate to these tones but use what you like best. Another note most of these lures produce a similar action but some lures are just more favorable to condition on the beach such as overcast, clarity, sweeps, winds and rips. if they have teeth the fish are going to eat it if they are hungry and you get it in front of them - that is the key to working any lure.

#1 Teaser Card - I prefer a 3/0 Hook, full black or white patterns under a tone - MY NUMBER 1!
#2 Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow - Yellow and Black they work great in most condition
#3 Diamond Jigs - AVA 17,27 preferable with tube, great for windy days or fish outside the bar
#4 Poppers - They are just the fun-nist way to catch a fish!
#5 Bottle Darters - I call em stupid face poppers the dig in a heavy current or sweep nicely
#6 Needlefish - One of my favorites, work slow and with a teaser for sure!
#7 Bucktail - They are fantastic when you have the size down to the conditions you intend to fish. One set of lures this is it but carry different sizes per condition or desired action
#8 Darters - They are great in milder currents use a slow seducing action

Of course we went fishing and here's what happened... had a few hours on the surf and tossed a mixed bag for you folks with some black teasers. I got nipped of by a fair sized blue, missed a good strike but landed on bluefish. it was bigger then the ones that been about. Sun set fast! On the long walk back hit a small bass. All fish on the black teaser today. Not a great day but not so bad either and a nice day out minus the 30mph winds! We are always happy to share our experiences with all those around the world and hope you enjoyed the video as much as we did making it.

Catch the latest action at for current reports, tides, moon phase, wind data and weather info for your next outing.
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